Opinion: Autonomy is one way in which some of the problems in Armenia-Azerbaijan relations can be resolved

"As Armenians and Azerbaijanis are finally trying to build a lasting peace, autonomy can be a powerful tool that brings people together instead of dividing them. It is important to give it a chance", argues Kamal Makili-Aliyev in this op-ed.  "Autonomy is a viable compromise that can lead to a lasting peace when it is implemented carefully and properly, with the aim of bringing the two nations together."

"One good example is the Aland Islands, a Swedish-speaking autonomous region within Finland. That arrangement celebrated its 101st birthday this year as a successful means of bringing Swedes and Finns together politically, culturally, in education and interpersonal relations. Its secret? Carefully thought-out structures for separating powers between the autonomy and the central government, respect for minority rights, and security guarantees in the form of demilitarization (including, no local conscription or military bases) and neutralization (the autonomy cannot participate in wars neither passively, nor actively) of the region."

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Opinion: Inclusive governance is the key for peaceful co-existence in Karabakh

In the latest, in a series of op-eds discussing the future of Nagorno-Karabakh and its people on commonspace.eu, Nurlan Mustafayev says that a security dilemma remains a critical issue for both the Armenian and the Azerbaijani communities in Karabakh, and that dealing with this issue first requires demilitarisation. The author argues that “given the current uncertainty and complexity, the inclusion of both ethnic groups in local governance is one clear thing or a shared vision that should be a part of the overall peace process. The parties’ use of the untapped resources of international law on minority protection, on the one hand, and security, on the other, can play a critical role in the face of political uncertainty.