Aliyev and Michel hold phone call

On Monday (4 July), the Azerbaijani president, Ilham Aliyev, held a phone conversation with the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, to discuss relations between Azerbaijan and the EU.

Michel reportedly highlighted the need to ensure stability, peace and security in the South Caucasus. He stated that the EU was strongly in favour of the normalisation of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, of the opening of regional communications and the delimitation and demarcation of borders, and that it would continue its efforts to help move the peace process forward.

The Azerbaijani president noted the importance of the tripartite meeting held at the initiative of Michel, and of the agreements reached within this framework in the process of normalising relations.

Finally, Aliyev drew attention to the issue of landmines, and of the need to clarify the fate of the 4000 Azerbaijanis considered missing since the first Armenian-Azerbaijani war.

source: with agencies
photo: Charles Michel on the phone; Official website of the European Council