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Opinion: Reconciliation requires empathy and understanding to each other's tragedies

In this op-ed for commonspace.eu, Vasif Huseynov says Armenia has no right to occupy the moral high ground on humanitarian issues in the South Caucasus. If really interested in peace and reconciliation, both sides should condemn crimes against humanity including war crimes and hold the perpetrators accountable instead of denying the facts, he says. “The establishment of a mutually agreed mechanism to investigate war crimes and address the concerns of the people directly affected by them could be an important element that can be included in a peace treaty”, he argues.

Commentary: President Aliyev sets agenda for Azerbaijani foreign policy in 2022

Azerbaijan will continue to punch above its weight in international relations in 200, writes Vasif Husseynov in this op-ed for KareabakhSpace.eu. "The resolution of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, regional cooperation initiatives like the 3+3 platform, and the re-opening of transportation links in the region, will open new perspectives for Azerbaijan’s future" he adds.

LTG Dr Hayk Kotanjian: 3+3 format would jeopardise one of the few remaining consensus-based international platforms

The establishment of the 3+3 format would imperil the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs format – one of the few remaining consensus-based platforms – at a time of global turmoil, argues Lieutenant-General, Dr Hayk Kotanjian in this interview with the Executive Director of the Political Science Association of Armenia, Dr Benyamin Poghosyan, for KarabakhSpace.eu.