Ambassador Vitorin says EU Mission will help ease tension on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border

The European Union Observation Mission which has started  deploying in Armenia in the last days will help ease tensions on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border. This was stated on Wednesday (26 October) by Ambassador Andrea Viktorin, the Head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia.

Speaking to journalists, Ambassador Vitorin stated that the activities of the technical assessment mission started last week, paving the way for the deployment of the full EU observation mission. "A very positive cooperation is ongoing with the Armenian authorities, who have not only properly welcomed the arrival of the observation mission, but also now provide the necessary support to carry out its activities. The work of the mission has begun," she said.

To the question whether the presence of EU observers will help stop shooting incidents at the border, the EU ambassador said that "the format of the observers' activity is to conduct observation and submit reports to directly to headquarters. "The deployment of this monitoring mission by the EU was already quite a step forward. We hope that this will allow to ease the tension on the borders, to help build trust and confidence-buildiong, and this will also ensure that the signing of a peace agreement can take place more smoothly."

source: with agencies
photo: The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Ambassador Andrea Vitorin