Armenia and Turkey agree to appoint envoys to normalise relations

In the latest sign that Turkey and Armenia are seriously looking at restoring relations, both Ankara and Yerevan confirmed that they will appoint special envoys with the purpose of normalising relations.

Speaking yesterday (13 December), the Turkish foreign minister, Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, announced that "we and Armenia will soon appoint special envoys to take steps toward the normalization”. He added that "we will also open chartered flights with the Armenian capital city Yerevan”.

A spokesperson for the Armenian foreign ministry, Vahan Hunanyan, on Tuesday also confirmed that Armenia was now also ready for the process aimed at the normalization of relations with Turkey without preconditions. Referring to the Turkish FM’s statement the Armenian spokesperson said: “From this perspective we assess positively the Turkish Foreign Minister’s statement on appointing a special envoy with the purpose of normalization of relations, and we confirm that the Armenian side will also appoint a special envoy for dialogue.”

source: and agencies
photo: Vahan Hunanyan, spokesperson for the Armenian Foreign ministry; Official website of the ministry of foreign affairs of Armenia