Azerbaijan returns Armenian prisoners in exchange for mine maps

Azerbaijan has returned 10 Armenian servicemen to Yerevan in exchange for maps detailing the location of mines in the areas around Nagorno-Karabakh. 

A statement by Azerbaijan’s State Security Service on 4 December confirmed that it had released soldiers captured in last month’s border skirmishes, which left 13 dead. The statement also expressed its gratitude to Moscow for its help in mediating the exchange. 

According to ArmenPress, the names of the ten servicmen returned were: Narek Volodya Yerimyan; Arayik Arshaluys Arakelyan; Amirkhanyan Serzhik Samson; Hakobyan G. Arayik; Nalbandyan Robert Mamikon; Sargsyan Harut Aramayis; Manasyan Artyom Suren; Eric Hunan Avetisyan; Tosyanan Arman Arthur; Hakobyan Tigran Armeni.

source: with ArmenPress and agencies
photo: Servicemen handed back to Armenia by Azerbaijan; ArmenPress 

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