Azerbaijani deminer injured in Jabrayil

An employee of the Mine Action Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA) has been injured after an anti-personal mine exploded earlier today (July 27). Bahruz Tappdig Oglu was reportedly searching for unexploded ordnance (UXOs) in the Mehdili village of Jabrayil when he sustained various injuries from a landmine blast. The Jabrayil District Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation into the matter.

Jabrayil returned to Azerbaijani control during last year’s 44-day war. Azerbaijani officials continue to warn civilians not to illegally venture into such areas due to the extent of landmines. This incident marks the latest in a series of landmine incidents, coming days after another explosion injured two construction workers in the Khojaly region. Over 140 Azerbaijanis are reported to have been killed or injured by landmines and UXOs since the end of last year's war in November. 


source: with Trend (Baku) and agencies
photo: A landmine is destroyed in a controlled explosion (archive); Trend