Bayramov and Mirzoyan agree on structure of the border demarcation commission

Earlier today (25 April), the foreign ministers of Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan, and Azerbaijan, Jeyhun Bayramov, held a phone conversation to discuss the Armenian-Azerbaijani peace process. 

The diplomatic readouts state that the ministers agreed on the structure and parameters of the Commission on delimitation and border security. While no date was announced, they also agreed to convene the meetings for the Joint Border Commission, and for the Working Group on the preparation of a peace treaty, "in the near future”.

The interlocutors discussed a variety of humanitarian issues, as well as the preparation of works on the upcoming peace negotiations. The statements added that the ministers had an exchange of views "as a follow-up to the agreements reached at the level of the leaders of both states”.

This is the second time this month that the Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign minister have had direct contact, after they discussed negotiations earlier this month following the 6 April meeting in Brussels.

source: and agencies
photo: Armenian and Azerbaijani FMs; Official Website of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan