Deputy prime ministers of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia met in Moscow

The deputy prime ministers of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Alexey Overchuk, Mher Grigoryan and Shahin Mustafayev, met in Moscow on Tuesday (17 August).  

A statement released later by the Russian government said that the trilateral working group had discussed “the prospects for the restoration of transport communications in the South Caucasus region and discussed the progress of further work carried out within the framework of the Statement of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia and the President of the Russian Federation dated January 11, 2021”.

The working group was established on the 11 January meeting in Moscow, when the leaders of the three countries three countries decided to create trilateral format at the level of the deputy prime ministers to focus on promoting regional transport and economic links as was stipulated by the 10 November 2020 tripartite agreement which ended last year's 44-day Karabakh War. The group met several times after, but there has not been a meeting for some months during which time tension on the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan and on the line of contact between the sides, increased considerably.


source: and agencies
photo: Meeting in Moscow between the deputy prime ministers in January; website of the government of the Republic of Armenia