EUMA sees "no unusual military movement or buildup” along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border

The European Union Mission in Armenia (EUMA) said on Monday (14 August) that they have seen "no unusual military movement or buildup [along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border], especially at the entrance to Lachin corridor", disputing claims made by Azerbaijan earlier that day.

"Based on the information on the ground, we see no unusual military movement or buildup, especially at the entrance to the Lachin corridor. We keep patrolling the areas," the EUMA said. They emphasised that they monitor the military & security situation along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border daily from four operating hubs bases in Armenia.

A statement released by Azerbaijan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday accused "Armenian armed forces illegally deployed in the territory of Azerbaijan", of over the past weeks having "intensified the military-engineering works and other military build-up".

"In parallel to illegal military build-up and activities in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan where the Russian peacekeeping contingent has been temporarily deployed, large-scale accumulation of weaponry and other military equipment and personnel along the undelimited state border has been also observed over past days in an apparent effort to go into another military adventure," the statement continued.

In their own statement, the Armenian Ministry of Defence denied Azerbaijan's claims, saying that Baku's statement "does not correspond to reality".

source: with agencies
photo: RFE/RL