First Consultative Regional Platform meeting held in Moscow

Last Friday (10 December), the first meeting of the “3+3” Consultative Regional Platform was held in Moscow, attended by the deputy foreign ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Iran. Notably, Georgia was absent from the meeting, meaning that "2+3" is probably a more accurate description of the format. 

According to a report from the Russian Foreign Ministry, the sides discussed the prospects for the development of multifaceted regional cooperation, adding that “it was agreed to focus the work of the platform on practical issues of interest to all its participants. These include measures to increase confidence, interaction in the trade, economic, transport, cultural and humanitarian fields, and countering common challenges and threats”. The five countries reportedly “expressed interest in joining the work of the Georgian platform, for which the ‘door’ remains open”.

A statement by the Armenian foreign ministry added that “the scope of possible regional cooperation was discussed at the meeting, including the issues with regard to economy, transport, culture and humanitarian spheres”. It also re-iterated that the regional consultative platform should refrain “from duplication of other international platforms, including those with conflict settlement mandates”.

Answering questions from the media, the deputy foreign minister of Azerbaijan, Khalaf Khalafov, noted that meetings under this format will be held at least twice a year, on a rotating basis in each participating country. He went on to state that the higher level meetings and discussions may be organised depending on progress made by the consultation mechanism. 

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photo: A meeting in Moscow of the deputy Foreign Ministers of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkey on 10 December 2021 in which the Georgian flag was displayed despite the country having rejected to join the process.

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