The Goris-Kapan interstate road has been unblocked

The National Security Service (NSS) of Armenia has announced that both the Goris-Vorotan and Shurnukh-Karmrakar sections of the Goris-Kapan interstate road have been unblocked. In a statement published this evening (27 August), the NSS said that the road is now open for movement by all types of vehicles and citizens.

The NSS and the Armenian Ombudsman, Arman Tatoyan, had previously reported that sections of the road had been blocked by the Azerbaijani side since Wednesday (25 August), reportedly in response to an alleged stabbing of an Azerbaijani servicemen. Speaking this morning, the prime minister of Armenia, Nikol  Pashinyan, said that the unblocking of the road would be “a very good symbol of regional stability”.


source: with agencies
photo: The Goris-Kapan interstate road; from the facebook of Arman Tatoyan, the Armenian Human Rights Ombudsman