The leaders of Armenia and Turkey may meet in Prague in the next days

There is speculation that Armenian prime minister Nikol Pashinyan and Turkish president Recip Tayip Erdogan may meet in Prague in the next days on the margins of the first summit of the European Political Community - a framework aimed at bringing together EU member states and other non member European states. It is understood that both leaders have agreed to participate.

Speaking in an interview on Armenian public television on Friday (30 September) prime minister Pashinyan said he could neither confirm nor deny the meeting

"Both our side and the Turkish side have not ruled out a meeting between me and Erdogan. Not ruling out such a meeting does not mean that the meeting will take place, but it does not mean that it will not take place either. It depends on several circumstances. There is an event organized by the EU, where both Turkey and us are invited. Both we and they have to decide on participation in that summit or on the format of participation, and in case of participation, whether the meeting will take place or not is another matter. I have decided to go to Prague, I am going to participate in the summit, and at the moment I can say that the meeting is not excluded. But I can't  say that it is confirmed," said Pashinyan.

According to Pashinyan, the agenda of a possible meeting will include the issues of opening borders and normalization of relations.  

"When regional security issues are discussed, many issues will be discussed. It also depends on our conversation. It will be our first meeting, and the questions depend on how the meeting will go."

Pashinyan noted that there is no indication or agreement that the meetings of the special representatives of the Armenia-Turkey settlement process will stop, but as of now, the place and time of the next meeting has not been agreed upon.

source: with agencies.