NKR authorities request meeting with Azerbaijan to discuss "urgent humanitarian issues"

De facto authorities of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh) have requested a meeting with representatives of the Azerbaijani government to discuss "urgent humanitarian issues", report Armenian media.

On Tuesday (11 April), the Artsakh Information Center posted on Facebook that "the authorities of the Republic of Artsakh, through the peacekeeping mission of the Russian Federation, sent the Azerbaijani side a proposal to hold a meeting at the headquarters and with the mediation of the Russian peacekeepers to discuss urgent humanitarian issues."

The request comes after public invitations made on 13 and 27 March by Azerbaijani authorities to the de facto Nagorno-Karabakh authorities to have meetings in Baku.

Both invitations were rejected by Stepanakert, who insisted on a meeting at the headquarters of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Khojaly, as had occurred on 1 March.

source: commonspace.eu with agencies
photo: Wikipedia