Russia once again alleges ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan

Earlier this week, Moscow once again accused Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire with Armenia, as a result of which one Armenian serviceman was injured. 

A statement by the Russian Ministry of Defence said that Azerbaijani forces had opened fire on the Armenian position around the Farukh area, injuring one soldier. It added that the Russian military contingent was monitoring the situation, and that patrols were being carried around the area of responsibility of its forces. Farukh has been the epicentre of the recent Armenian-Azerbaijani tensions, after Yerevan accused Azerbaijani forces of “invading the village” late last month.

The Ministry added that "continued cooperation with the General Staffs of the Azerbaijani and Armenian Armed Forces is maintained to ensure the security of Russian peacekeepers and to prevent possible incidents", and noted that the situation had been settled with the cooperation of both sides. 

This is now the second time ever that Moscow has accused Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire, after it called out Baku for its actions on 26 March.

source: and agencies
photo: Armenian soldier; Official website of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia