Russian deputy FM: Agreement on the unblocking of transport links in South Caucasus is currently being "polished"

Deputy foreign minister of Russia, Andrey Rudenko, announced this weekend that a comprehensive “single package”, with the aim of unblocking economic and transport links between Armenia and Azerbaijan, was currently being “polished”.

In an interview with Tass news agency, the Russian diplomat stated that the restoration of transport links was one of the most important steps in the process of normalisations of relations between the two countries, and that peaceful coexistence was an opportunity for both Armenia and Azerbaijan to derive concrete and practical benefits. To this end, he noted the significant preparatory work undertaken by the trilateral working group under the joint leadership of the deputy prime ministers of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, adding that a single package was close to being agreed upon, which would “ensure the sustainability of the decisions made”.

The deputy foreign minister went on to say that the necessary impetus for such collaborative work was given by the “agreements of the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia in Sochi on November 26”, and that the sides were “focusing on the earliest possible completion of the elaboration of the parameters of joint infrastructure initiatives and the launch of specific projects”.

source: with Tass and agencies
photo: Andrey Rudenko; Official website of Tass news agency            

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