Video of extra-judicial killing of Armenian soldiers causes anger and concern

A video, which allegedly shows Armenian soldiers being executed by Azerbaijani soldiers whilst they were in captivity has caused widespread anger and concern.

The video is alleged to depict scenes from incidents in September when clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan on their international border left hundreds dead and injured on both sides.  

EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus, Toivo Klaar, tweeted

Another horrible video has emerged of Armenian prisoners of war apparently being executed. If this video is proven to be authentic then this is a war crime that needs to be investigated and the perpetrators punished.

— Toivo Klaar (@ToivoKlaar) October 2, 2022


In the meantime, it was announced in Baku that the Azerbaijani military prosecutor's office "has launched an investigation into video footage circulated on social networks, in which, allegedly, Azerbaijani servicemen  commit illegal actions against members of Armenian armed groups and shoot detained Armenian saboteurs."

A statement said that "the Military Prosecutor's Office is conducting a full and comprehensive investigation into whether the video footage is genuine, the time and place where the video footage was filmed, the identity of the servicemen depicted on it, as well as all other points are specified. important for establishing objective truth."

The statement from the Azerbaijan Military Prosceuctor's office said that "based on the results of the investigation, all measures provided for by law will be taken".

source: with agencies