Hikmet Hajiyev and Armen Grigoryan met in Washington (Updated)

The Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, Armen Grigoryan, and the Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, Hikmet Hajiyev met at the White House in Washington DC on Tuesday, with the participation of US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. 

Sullivan wrote on his twitter feed

Today, I hosted @HikmetHajiyev and @ArmenGrigoryanC for direct and constructive talks. We discussed the importance of avoiding further violence and pursuing time-bound and focused negotiations. We also identified concrete steps forward in support of a stable and lasting peace.

— Jake Sullivan (@JakeSullivan46) September 28, 2022

Hajiyev and Pashinyan have commented on the meeting.

In a comment to Azeri Daily, Hikmet Hajiyev said:

“We thank the United States for hosting the meeting and for their efforts to ensure sustainable peace in the region. Jake Sullivan has already announced the results of the meeting. The key here is to continue efforts on the peace agenda within a specific timeframe.” 

Hikmet Hajiyev clarified that the meeting discussed negotiations on a peace treaty, delimitation of borders, opening of transport communications, as well as the humanitarian agenda, in particular, the issue of mines and missing Azerbaijani citizens.

On his part Armen Grigoryan wrote on his facebook page:

"We discussed the process of long-term peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem, as well as the need to establish peace in the region. We highlighted the elimination of the consequences of the latest aggression".

source: commonspace.eu with @JakeSullivan46