В Армении предвыборная кампания завершается в преддверии одних из самых жарких выборов в истории страны.

With the election just one day away, hopeful candidates have been giving one last push to secure votes in what has been referred to as the most inclusive domestic political process of the modern Republic of Armenia. With 25 political entities and all three former presidents competing – and one poll suggesting that as much as 30% of eligible voters were this week yet undecided – what have the leading campaigns been saying up to election weekend? 

Мнение: Могут ли инфраструктурные проекты Турции в Карабахе затмить присутствие России?

Russia may have deployed thousands of soldiers in and around Nagorno-Karabakh, but it isn’t the only external power to have gained influence following the 44-day war. In this opinion piece for KarabakhSpace.eu, Fuad Shahbazov looks at Turkey’s involvement in the reconstruction of territories returned to Azerbaijani control following last year’s war, and Ankara’s strengthening position in the South Caucasus region.

Мнение: июньские выборы в Армении могут привести к еще большей неопределенности и нестабильности

Sunday's parliamentary elections in Armenia are hotly contested, and the electorate is actively engaged in the campaigning. However, every possible outcome of the elections appears to lead to more uncertainty, and does not guarantee domestic stability, argues Benyamin Poghosyan in this op-ed.

«Обмен» между Арменией и Азербайджаном имеет глубокие дипломатические последствия

In a complicated diplomatic exercise involving US and Georgian diplomats, Armenia and Azerbaijan on Saturday implemented "an exchange" that whilst humanitarian in nature also has deep diplomatic consequences.