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Мнение: Могут ли инфраструктурные проекты Турции в Карабахе затмить присутствие России?

Russia may have deployed thousands of soldiers in and around Nagorno-Karabakh, but it isn’t the only external power to have gained influence following the 44-day war. In this opinion piece for KarabakhSpace.eu, Fuad Shahbazov looks at Turkey’s involvement in the reconstruction of territories returned to Azerbaijani control following last year’s war, and Ankara’s strengthening position in the South Caucasus region.

Мнение: июньские выборы в Армении могут привести к еще большей неопределенности и нестабильности

Sunday's parliamentary elections in Armenia are hotly contested, and the electorate is actively engaged in the campaigning. However, every possible outcome of the elections appears to lead to more uncertainty, and does not guarantee domestic stability, argues Benyamin Poghosyan in this op-ed.

Мнение: армяне неверно оценили расчеты Ирана на Южном Кавказе

Armenian experts were surprised and disappointed by Iran's attitude during the 44-day Karabakh War. The new arrangements stipulated in the 10 November trilateral declaration appear to suit Tehran's interests since Iran knows Russia and Turkey well, and can navigate between them, argues Benyamin Poghosyan in this op-ed for KarabakhSpace.eu.

Мнение: Приграничный инцидент заставляет армян переосмыслить свои отношения с Россией

"The Azerbaijani military incursion into Armenian territory may have significant geopolitical implications. The muted reaction of the CSTO and Russia triggered another wave of anti-Russian sentiments in Armenia", argues Benyamin Poghosyan in this op-ed.

Мнение: важные решения по будущим отношениям с Азербайджаном должны быть приняты вскоре после формирования нового правительства Армении после выборов 20 июня.

Relations with Azerbaijan will be the key foreign policy issue faced by the new government, regardless of the outcome of the election. It will need to clarify its stance towards the future of the unrecognised Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Republic (NKR), the demarcation and delimitation of borders with Azerbaijan, and the opening up of regional transport and communication routes in line with the 10 November 2020, and 11 January 2021, trilateral statements of the Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian leaders. In reality, all three issues are intertwined, and a decision on any of them will impact the fate of others.