Мнение: ЕС должен сыграть активную роль в послевоенном восстановлении Карабаха и прилегающих регионов.

One year after the end of the recent tragic Armenia-Azerbaijan armed conflict, the European Union has so far failed to provide any tangible aid to rebuild the formerly occupied territories. An EU involvement in the Karabakh reconstruction process could facilitate not only the return of up to a million refugees and IDPs but also significantly contribute to the long-term stability of the South Caucasus –  a primary goal of EU’s Eastern Partnership and Neighborhood Policies, writes Nurlan Mustafayev in this op-ed.

Мнение: Успешный процесс демаркации и делимитации границы имеет решающее значение для окончательного мирного соглашения между Арменией и Азербайджаном

"The current border tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia are not the first and likely not the last. Given this, a successful border demarcation/delimitation process could be a crucial point in paving the way for a final peace agreement between the two adversaries. Therefore, the resumption of direct peace talks  is the only rational  option", writes Fuad Shahbazov in this op-ed.