Армянские военнослужащие сообщили о погибших от снайпера на армяно-нахчыванской границе

The Armenian Ministry of Defence (MOD) has reported the death of a serviceman killed on Armenia’s border with Azerbaijan’s western exclave, Nakhchivan. The statement says that on September 1, in the morning at around 11:10, Junior Sergeant Gegham Lyova Sahakyan received a fatal gunshot wound resulting from Azerbaijani sniper fire at Armenian positions in the Ararat region, particularly around Yersakh section of the border.

The Azerbaijani news agency Trend.az reports that the Azerbaijani MOD has denied the claims, stating that Azerbaijani units did not fire in this direction.


source: commonspace.eu with Trend.az and agencies
photo: An Armenian serviceman of the engineering units of the 4th military unit conducting drills; The Armenian Ministry of Defence