Мнение: На Южном Кавказе у Тегерана тоже есть свои красные линии

For 30 years, Iran has adopted a cautious approach to developments in the South Caucasus, wary of the risk of encirclement. Iran's current massive military drills on the border with Azerbaijan are meant to send a signal that Tehran has its red lines too, argues Benyamin Poghosyan in this op-ed for commonspace.eu

Мнение: Баку поддерживает нормализацию турецко-армянских отношений, если ...

Because of various disagreements – and not least the outbreak of the First Karabakh War – Turkey and Armenia have never established diplomatic relations; however, recent signs suggest that this soon could change. In this op-ed for KarabakhSpace.eu, Vasif Huseynov says that Baku supports the normalisation of its neighbours’ relations trusting certain expectations are fulfilled.